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Marginson interview

Marginson interview

As Karl Marginson jumped in and out of lifts on his daily rounds on Monday morning we managed to grab some time to discuss, amongst other things, the result on Sunday, next year’s reserve side and the time Phil Power got Ten out of Ten in Match magazine.

As Karl jetted around Bolton dropping off asparagus and the odd avocado he was blatantly ecstatic with the weekends result.

Happy with the result Karl?

"Yes, to coin a phrase I was over the moon. The performance was fantastic considering the conditions."

Did you think at any stage the match would be abandoned?

"I did hear some talk of it but then the sun came out and it turned out to be fine, I think we had all four seasons in one day!"

Looking forward to the game against Chadderton on Wednesday now then?

"Yes we are buoyant. Confidence is high and we are looking to build on Sunday’s result, however they have been performing well and have a new manager who is bringing in some new faces. They will definitely be looking to get at us, we have to win the battle first and then hopefully our quality will show through."

Are you working on Thursday?

(Laughs) "Unfortunately one of the lads is off this week, I was hoping to wangle it to be honest, doesn’t look like that will happen now. Don’t worry about me though I will make up for it!"

Returning to Sunday, Joz looked good when he came on. How impressed with him have you been over the last few weeks?

"Jozza? Yeah, he changed the game on Sunday. He played really well against New Mills and worked really hard, I was a little disappointed with him against Cheadle but he gave us an extra dimension on Sunday, he caused all sorts of problems and played really well. In fact every single one of them has done well and all of them have played a part in a successful season."

The Russell Delaney Player of the Season Award is being voted for at the minute, who would your choice be?

"I couldn’t really single anyone out to be honest, Torpey early doors was magnificent, Rory since he came back from his ban, Steve Spencer has been phenomenal as was Simon Carden until his injury, they have all played a part."

How is the reserve team coming on? Have you got anyone lined up for next year?

"Yes, there are a few lads who have played in the friendlies and we are maybe looking at some open trials for 16-23 year olds with a view to getting some in the reserve team. This is also the time of year that clubs are releasing players and I have contacts in the game so I will be keeping my eye out. If they are good enough they will go straight into the first team.

Phil Power has been performing superbly this season do you think he will be still playing next year, will he be able to step up?

"Definitely. He’ll step up all day long. He is a different class. I just wish the fans could have seen him when he was in his prime when he was younger with me at Macclesfield. I think he is the only player to get ten out of ten in Match magazine. It was at Dover away, we travelled all that way down and he was unbelievable, he just took the Mickey!"

Are you and the lads looking forward to the Liepzig game?

"Yes there has been talk of a ’Euro away’ for some time now and it was just a question of doing the right deal for both clubs. I hope it will be a good game and some good rest and relaxation. I’ve heard the Germans do some decent lager!"

So there you have it. Confidence is high and Karl is looking to make up for any missed partying on Wednesday night with some famous German lager.

A quality first season for FC United and fingers crossed still a promotion party, a champion’s party and a Euro Away to look forward to before we all relax in the sun and try to get a tan similar to Phil Power’s.

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First Posted ~ 17:05 Mon 10 Apr 2006
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Last Updated ~ 13:39 Mon 21 May 2018