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Away shirt - the members decide

New away shirt chosen by members

Our members have spoken - and have voted Option A as our new away shirt.

More than 500 cast their votes on the five options put forward by the board.

Option A proved the most popular with over 60 per cent of the final vote with option B having 37 per cent.

For the first time we have used a preferential voting system rather than the traditional method used in the past. We believe this system is fairer as the choice the majority prefer will win.

In the first round, the number 1 preferences were totalled up for each shirt. As no shirt reached >50% of the vote, the lowest scoring shirt was removed from the list and the other four entered into round 2. For this and subsequent rounds, the highest preference was used to determine the totals, i.e. for those votes in round 2 where preference 1 was given to the shirt removed in the last round, the second preference is treated as preference 1. The same process is applied until one shirt achieves greater than 50% of the highest preference votes.

Board member Steve Pagnam is overseeing the production of the new shirt with Admiral and said:

"Due to lead times and the demands of the manufacturing process, we recognised the need to tighten up the process on choosing new kit while still ensuring we as members had some input into the process.

"We spoke to Admiral first to ensure the designs under consideration could be produced accurately, and we have started the process much earlier to get them ready in good time.

"The voting result means we can now place our order with Admiral and we hope to have the new away shirts on sale on or before our final home game of this season.

"On behalf of the board I would like to thank all members who voted."

The new away shirt will be worn by the team for seasons 2010/11 and 2011/12.

The results in full

2.251% of voters elected to keep the current white shirt.

The round 1 votes were cast as follows :

Shirt A : 30.394%
Shirt B : 19.7%
Shirt C : 18.574%
Shirt D : 13.696%
Shirt E : 15.385%

With only 13.696% of votes, Shirt D had the fewest number of votes so has been dropped

Round 2

Shirt A : 33.771%
Shirt B : 23.64%
Shirt C : 20.45%
Shirt E : 19.887%

With only 19.887% of votes, Shirt E had the fewest number of votes so has been dropped

Round 3

Shirt A : 43.34%
Shirt B : 29.081%
Shirt C : 25.328%

With only 25.328% of votes, Shirt C had the fewest number of votes so has been dropped

Round 4

Shirt A : 60.413%
Shirt B : 37.336%

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First Posted ~ 09:38 Thu 21 Jan 2010
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