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CYCM Christmas Special

It’s the CYCM Christmas special this Saturday. It’s the one with all the best bits from the season, wrapped up in a red parcel of yuletide blogs... An afternoon of verse, choral delights and the odd duet...

Mike Duff is launching his new book ’Yer Wot’ and will be reading some poetry (Herbert Prefabs to all you message board mitherers). He’ll be serenading you with his backing singers - The Halle Choir! Yes, Elbow got there first but ’Herbert and the Halle’ has a much better ring to it... It’s been a while since he’s performed for us so we’re proper lookin forward to it.. The Halle will be treating us to a few United Christmas Carols so start clearing your throats now for how much fun it is to see United win away, hey. Don’t miss your chance to hear posh people swear, it’s always a treat.

We’re blessed with poets at FC and Saturday also sees the return of top canoodelist John Darwin. John’s poetry is largely about drinking and misery, something that Christmas was made for.. A commentator recently revealed that listening to John Darwin was like laughing and crying at the same time while being on the verge of falling off a very high stool.

There’s a lot to fit in so we’ll be kicking off proceedings with the Halle at 1pm. Doors open at 12 so you’ll have time for a few pints before the sing song. The telly will be off so anyone wanting to watch the wrestling on World of Sport will have to ask Herbs for permission, good luck.

This week’s guest beer is Aviator from the Dent Brewery, if Lindsey hasn’t drunk it already. We’ve got your tater hash, mince pies, ales and low calorie cheese & onion pies. Every penny goes to your club so come along and sit a while.

Merry Christmas John, Merry Christmas Yoko

Fraternally Yours

Brady’s lickle helpers

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First Posted ~ 14:25 Thu 10 Dec 2009
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Last Updated ~ 14:25 Thu 10 Dec 2009