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A Message to FC United Supporters

Remember the early 90’s and Sky TV’s much hyped ’It’s a whole new ball game’?

Well, let’s be honest, it wasn’t really was it? Sure the ads were a bit glossy and the kick off times were a tad bizarre, but at the end of the day Everton still played Aston Villa twice a season, and Man City usually lost.

Nothing changed, the ’product’ just underwent a makeover.

Cut to Leigh RMI’s Hilton Park ground on July 16th 2005 and for many people there is a ’whole new ball game’ unfolding before their very eyes. A real journey into the unknown. A journey that will see football fans previously used to stringent segregation, heavy handed policing, fierce animosity and general contempt from everyone they met, replaced by a handshake, a welcome, light hearted banter and the chance to remember the better things that drew us into a love of football in the first place.

Non-league football is like nothing many of us have ever experienced. There is a camaraderie, a bond and a kinship between the people who turn out to watch locally based community teams ply their trade season after season in football’s lower reaches. A world where the spitting snarling segregated masses of the Premier League are locked away behind the weekend TV screens. A world where you stand alongside the ’opposition’ fans, share a brew and a joke, agree to differ on the merits of the centre half, and wish each other well at the end of the game.

This isn’t some romanticised overview of the situation, it’s pretty much just how it is. This is like nothing we’ve ever known before, a complete and utter culture shock.

We need to adapt, and we need to adapt fast. We need to be aware of the history and the culture of the new footballing world that now greets us, and we need to embrace that new footballing world with humility and respect.

We are members of FCUoM and being members of that club brings with it a responsibility to treat others as we would expect to be treated ourselves. Everything we now do reflects on our club, be it positive or negative. Be aware of that responsibility at all times. In fact no, grasp that responsibility and cherish it. This is your club, you are a part owner of it, let’s enjoy the ride.

At the end of the day, it’s your ride, you own the vehicle.


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First Posted ~ 08:22 Thu 14 Jul 2005
News ID ~ 24
Last Updated ~ 09:19 Sun 26 Feb 2006