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Admission Prices 2009/10 - Vote

The FC United board met recently to discuss ticket prices for next season. The club’s manifesto states that we will ’endeavour to make admission prices as affordable as possible’ and we will always abide by this.

The board is sensitive to the extremely difficult economic climate prevailing at present, and it was with this in mind that the club launched its much heralded "pay what you can afford" season ticket scheme which has gained widespread praise from the football supporter community, and even some sincere flattery in the form of a little imitation from other footballing quarters.

It is entirely due to supporters’ achievements in making the season ticket scheme such a success that the board is recommending that there be no change in ticket prices for the third successive season. Ultimately, it was the feeling of the board that in committing to provide football at a price which is affordable to the largest possible number of people, that increased revenue through increased matchday support will help to mitigate against any drop-off in revenue from other areas.

As always, or course, the ultimate decision on such matters will rest with the club’s owners. We would therefore like all members who have signed-up or renewed before Thursday 6th August to vote online at the following address:


To vote you will need to use the email address registered with the membership. If you have no email registered, or if you have problems with the online vote, you may vote by writing to or emailing the club stating "accept" or "reject" and including your name and membership number. The vote should be posted to:

FC United
Hope Mills
113 Pollard Street
M4 7JA

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First Posted ~ 15:39 Fri 14 Aug 2009
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