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Looking For Eric - FC's Role

FC United is proud of the role we played in helping bring the highly acclaimed Looking For Eric to the screen.

Eric Cantona has already expressed his support for FC United whilst film director Ken Loach and writer Paul Laverty sought advice from the club when devising the screenplay.

A number of FC United fans assisted in the production of the film; sourcing locations, extras and props for and dozens of FC fans appear throughout the film. And on top of that; FC United features prominently in the Looking for Eric storylines.

The main character in the film, postman Eric Bishop, is portrayed as a Manchester United fan who has been priced out of watching games at Old Trafford. Many of his friends (in particular lead characters John Henshaw and Justin Moorhouse) have become supporters of FC United. Eric’s son and his mates do manage to get to Old Trafford games but only courtesy of a gangster’s favour in return for assisting in his crimes.

Out of luck and at his wits end about his family and love-life, Eric has imaginary visits from his hero, Eric Cantona, who advises him to turn his life around by being bold and taking on responsibility for changing his fortunes.

He has some limited success in this but soon finds the gangster threatening him and his family with vicious consequences. Cantona advises him to fight back with collective action and seek the assistance of his friends.

Eric’s pals rally round and on the way to an FC United away game three coach loads of fans put ’Operation Cantona’ into action.

If lead actors Steve Evets and John Henshaw play their parts so well, it will be partly because they have attended FC United games in real-life.

A mask, used in the film and signed by the King himself, went to FC United member Mark Alder who bid a fantastic £777.77 in our recent auction.

Looking For Eric , is now on general release in cinemas. For those wishing to use the film’s showing to advertise FC United, the club still has a few fliers about the film and FC United available. Please contact the office for supplies.

We have already had some positive feedback and are particularly interested in our supporters’ views and any anecdotes relating to the film’s showing. Please do write to the office at office@fc-utd.co.uk and we will look to publish your comments online and in a future match programme.

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First Posted ~ 22:50 Tue 16 Jun 2009
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Last Updated ~ 11:55 Mon 21 May 2018