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FC respond to Premier League chief's comments

Copy of Press Release issued:

Premier League Chief Executive, Richard Scudamore claims that it is cheaper to go and watch matches in the Premier League than teams in the UniBond League, six tiers below.

Scudamore made the bizarre claims talking to Mark Saggers on Radio 5 Live on Wednesday night. When asked about the Premier League clubs’ responsibility to fans during the current recession’ Scudamore claimed that Premier League clubs are hurting too. Scudamore backed up his claims by referring to discussions he had been involved in that day at the Professional game board at the FA and cited Bolton Wanderers as a team that charges less than FC United of Manchester.

"They are charging for adults and children for matches (at Bolton) less than it is costing to go to FC United in the non-league," Scudamore said.

FC United, who have just launched an unprecedented campaign for next season’s season tickets where they are asking supporters to name their own price were amazed by the claims:

"We found his comments quite amusing. It costs less than ten pounds for an adult and child to attend together at FC United I don’t know a Premier League Club where prices come anywhere close," said FC United spokesman Jules Spencer.

"Maybe our campaign for fans to name their own season ticket price has struck a nerve. We are making football affordable for ordinary football supporters. Many of us can no longer afford to go to Premier League games with our families but we can afford to go and watch FC United where the quality of entertainment on offer in non-league football is real value for money.

"It’s nice to see that we are still on the radar of the powers-that-be. We must be doing something right."

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First Posted ~ 15:12 Thu 21 May 2009
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