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Last Malcolmses of the season

It’s the last Malcolmses of the season this Saturday and we’ve got a pearler lined up for you.

It’s gonna be very special as we have two wonderful bands and a play with some actual telly stars in it! The last few have been lockouts so I would strongly urge you to get in there early. We open at 12 and the first band will be on at 1pm.

First up we’ve got Dan Melrose(www.myspace.com/danmelrose), who the Oddies reckon is just about the best acoustic artist in town at the moment. He’s a hippy which you don’t see many of these days and he plays his guitar on its side. He’s great as anyone who’s seen him play at Busk at The Garrett will testify. Backing him will be a couple of the chaps from Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band (www.myspace.com/drbutlershatstandmedicineband), who’ll be last up on the bill. Dr Hatstand’s are a bit mad but they’re our nutters so we’re gonna treat em nice. Be prepared for washboards, spoons, double bass and Victorian drinking songs. Again, they play across the country these days and are lined up for Latitude in the summer, we’re lucky to have them so please give them a great Football Club United of Manchester welcome. They’ll be on last at around 2.pm. We may even get them to do some belly dancing, we always like to finish the season with a belly...

Sandwiched in the middle of the bands, we’ve got something just a little bit special. Remember ’Early Doors’? Well we’ve got James Quinn who played the laughing policeman to bring the play wot he wrote and recently performed at Joshua Brooks to Malcolmses. Called ’At The End of the Day’ it also stars John Henshaw, the landlord from Early Doors (and post office ads, Finding Eric etc..), as the ex-manager football pundit. It’s set at 5.50pm on a Sunday afternoon somewhere in the Premier League. The players and officials have done their bit but the pundits and presenters have barely started. We’ve all seen it and it’ll have you snorting out your Humdinger.

This week, along with our usual range of ales, we’ve got a special on. Timothy Taylor Landlord will be the bockle of choice and it’s rather a fine choice. We’ve still got a few bottles of the Earley Estate Cider for sale too but remember to save them for when it’s a bit warmer out. You can collect them after the game if you want.

We’ll have tickets on sale for the new MAD production, ’Angels With Manky Faces’, and the CYCM DVD will be on sale again. If you’ve seen it already, hows about treating yourself or a mate to one of the other covers? All proceeds go to our club. Course You Can Malcolm has raised over £8,000 for our club this season alone so get there early on Saturday for one last push on and off the field. Lets see if you can drink us dry...

Fraternally Yours

The Oddies

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First Posted ~ 17:00 Tue 28 Apr 2009
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