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The winner is...

The FC United Shirt Design Competition has been a huge success. Out of 77 applicants, four shirts were short listed to be decided on a members vote.

Considerable consideration was given to each design and where there was more than one similar design the designs were amalgamated wherever possible

The results are now in and we can reveal that shirt design number 4 is the winner with 45% of the vote.

We are aware that there has been a great deal of support for an alternative design that had the stripe down the right-hand breast as opposed to the left-hand side, as appears in the winning design. The panel would like to make it clear that they didn’t opt for the design that became the eventual winner lightly and a good deal of debate took place before a decision was made. However the panel felt that as a number of submissions all had the stripe on the left-hand side and only one that had it on the right, it was only fair to represent the majority, albeit amalgamating aspects of them all into the final version.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter and hopefully once the shirt has been produced we will have a shirt we can all be proud of.

The results were:

Shirt 1 - 24%
Shirt 2 - 23%
Shirt 3 - 8%
Shirt 4 - 45%

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First Posted ~ 14:21 Wed 8 Apr 2009
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