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Mind the gap

Can you help us fill the gaps in the FC Network?

The FC United Supporters Network has got off to a great start - we already have 22 cells with nearly 100 network members in and around Greater Manchester who are actively promoting our club.

However, there’s more work to do to get the best out of the network, starting with setting up cells in areas of Manchester where we don’t yet have coverage. These are:

* Urmston/Flixton/Davyhulme
* Eccles/Salford
* Stretford
* Northenden/Didsbury
* Gorton/Longsight
* Reddish/the Heatons
* Miles Platting

What’s a network cell?

A cell is a group of people in a local area who’ll work together to promote the club in that area. Initially this is aimed at picking up and distributing match posters and club information, but the intention is that eventually it’ll extend to encouraging people in the locality to take up memberships, season tickets, support the development fund, etc.

How does it work?

The aim is to set up cells covering the whole of the Greater Manchester area and beyond with at least five people in each cell. One person is nominated as a "cell coordinator". They’ll work with the other members in the cell to pick up literature from the club and distribute it to local outlets. There are a wide range of possibilities - newsagents, takeaways, shops, pubs, hotels, libraries, local football/sports clubs, schools, community centres, workplaces, universities/colleges and so on. Initially we’re looking for each cell member to make connections with 10 outlets or organisations, which would mean more than 1000 new places of information about FC.

What does a coordinator do?

We’ve come up with nine tasks we’re asking our coordinators to manage:

* Retain and grow your cell membership to maximise coverage of your cell area
* Stay in regular contact with your cell members with network news and updates
* Work with your cell members to maximise the number of outlets covered by your cell
* Keep an up-to-date list of all outlets covered in your cell area
* Maintain email and print facilities at your home or place of work
* Distribute match posters and other promotional material to your cell members by email and hard copies
* Personally promote the club in your area wherever and whenever possible
* Stay in regular contact with the Network Manager with updates on cell membership etc
* Attend occasional Network Coordinator meetings

How do I sign up?

If you can help us to set up cells in these areas, either as a cell member or a coordinator, drop us an email at the FC office on proms@fc-utd.co.uk or give us a call on 07774 171738 or 07816 228581 with your name, email and/or phone number and the area you’re based in, and we’ll get back to you very soon.

Thanks for your support!

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First Posted ~ 17:26 Wed 4 Mar 2009
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