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CYCM. Where Love is the Licensee

We’ve got the wonderful ’Kamal Arafa and The Moonlight Band’ playing Malcolmses this Saturday. There’s a sniff of love in the air so we bring you violins, viola, cherubs and harpists... Kamal Arafa and the Moonlight Band find their roots in Country, Folk and Skiffle music. It’s a blend of acoustic, upbeat folk, orchestral string arrangements, a jumping rhythm section and the occasional humorous lyric. They’re lovely people so please give them the love they deserve. This is what a few people have had to say about them...

""¦toe-tappingly catchy, joyously touching and heart-warmingly wonderful"¦" - Chris Long (BBC)

"Soaring and effortless, Kamal’s heart warming, funny and often bizarre tales envelope your soul. He possesses worldliness beyond his years, an insuppressible talent that is just screaming to be heard. Kamal will change your perception of modern British singer-songwriters. Think Rufus Wainwright meets Devendra Banhart." - Ben Holden, Forecast records.

Have a listen before you come along at www.myspace.com/kamalarafa.

As an extra special treat, Blaine has managed to get hold of one of our favourite beers this week - Robinsons ’Chocolate Tom’. Get it while it’s warm.. It’s chocolatey, 6ish% and will fill you with a warm, loving glow. With the love hearts flying around, we’ll also be pleasuring you with our latest range of CupYours Cakes. Love & Leigh. It’s the Weighter Manchester

If you haven’t seen it already, we have our own myspace site - www.myspace.com/courseyoucanmalcolm so you can check out who we’ve got coming up. You can also check out the tunes you’ve had played to you already in our lickle enclave.

See you there.

Remember... Roses are Red, Stockport is Blue

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First Posted ~ 10:20 Fri 13 Feb 2009
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Last Updated ~ 12:56 Mon 21 May 2018