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Another fine lung for our city

This Saturday the 20th of December sees the second issue of A Fine Lung M:SPG being sold outside the ground. Issue 1 had 500 copies printed, all of which sold out on the first day sale at the match. With a £500 print run cost, and the publication selling for £2, you have helped raise another £500 plus for the purposes of getting our ground back within the boundaries of the city we love.

The exact amount, to the one pence, will be in the publication itself. The DF man on our club’s board being constantly updated on our penny by penny, pound by pound progress.

This issue has been acclaimed by those outside its production, as a ’must have’ with over thirty contributors. Some fine, fine penatitionists are seen putting in their ten bob’s worth. There’s a fist-tightness of published writers, journalists, celebrity and the very, very best of the seasoned fanzine writers running down the central core of the issue but a beautiful, and very United aspect, is the radials setting out from this core by the new, young writers coming through. Many being published for the first time. Hilarity, oddness, fun, camaraderie, polite polemics, firmness of thought, jellyness of wobble, red taste, introspection, outrospection and love abounds.

It stinks of Back Piccadilly and every Manchester pub carpet that you’ve ever dropped beer on but all mixed with an erudite, clarity of thought and vision that puts dimmies like me to shame and making me wish I’d not wagged it as much and got myself a proper edumacation at scoowell so I didn’t do as long a sentences as this one.

A Fine Lung M:SPG is gently adding itself to the vast array of proud things that surround this club. So thank you very much, in advance, for buying it this Saturday and by the simple virtue of enjoying a joyous Manchester read, enable another course of brick to be added to that ground we dream of. One day we’re going home"¦

Fraternally yours

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First Posted ~ 12:41 Thu 18 Dec 2008
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Last Updated ~ 12:55 Mon 21 May 2018