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Minithon - What you need to know

Weather Forecast: Cloudy but slightly windy,

Going: Good to Soft

Registration Completion from 11am at Chorlton Green Set Off 12 noon

12 noon - 5pm Party Time in Chorlton Irish Club on High Lane M21 9DJ
Comedy with Des Sharples
Live Music with Monkeys Punk
Entertainment from MAD Theatre
Food available and 3 bars

Warnings About the Water Park:

Dogs must keep owners on their leads at all times
Respect the countryside and it will respect you (excepting nettles, midges and falling trees)
There are people buried at Chorlton Green, please do not disturb them
Prolonged stays at Jackson’s Boat will please the landlords but not the Race Marshals.
There are no dangerous wild animals resident in the park, so if you see any....run
Lightning is not forecast, so if you see any....call a doctor
This is Chorlton, so please be patient with Human Rights protesters, Animal Rights protesters, Vegetable Rights protesters, cat walkers and twitchers
Manchester is a Nuclear Free Zone, and atom bombs, while not subject to the Congestion Charge, should be disposed of before entering

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