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Race Expert says 'Land a Grand' and finish it

The Battle of the Titans, Mother of all Contests, has taken yet another turn with Scott Fletcher edging into the lead.

Race expert, Willie Carson, has never been so squeakily excited and is calling for someone to "Land a Grand" and decide the momentous tussle.

Out on the course speculation is that the is Twist in the tale could be landed by backers of David French, FC’s own Bill Sykes, who accompanied by his Bull Terrier on heat has barked back into contention.

In a race that has seen the lead changed hands so many times that the Inspectors have issued a Health Warning, it appeared that their would be no overnight leader as Andy Walsh and Scott Fletcher matched each other stride for stride. But Walsh went ahead by a short head, only to wake up to find Fletch back in front of him, then responded by getting level. Yet with 2 furlongs left Walsh was edging it once again only for the Fletch to roar back once more.

Rob Nugent, having cheekily put his nose in front of Captain Chaddy as the leading player is now galloping further and further away even as Chaddy and Margy fight back. Have they left it too late?

And crowd favourite, crazy dog Boru Cobama has recovered from the abuse of being denounced on his justgiving site as "a real animal." With a bitch in the pack is after his oats.

Heading the pack chasing down the board leaders was John Roberts who had pushed the southern charge led by Jonathan Kendall back, but the Mintcake has pushed ahead of him now heads 17 other centurions and 75 other redoubtable FC supporters.

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16.30 Oct 17th and just 2 furlongs to go

Scott Fletcher £920

Can the entrepreneur of the year certainly pull this one out of his hat? Ali or Foreman? Will he sting like a bee or float like a butterfly? Worth a flutter. Coe or Ovett? Branson or Gates?

Andy Walsh £910

Once again has his nose pushed back by the Fletch. Borg or McEnroe? Stalin or Trotsky?

David French £831

In a real Twist of fate, the Bill Sykes of the race is fighting back and with his Staffordshire Bull Terrier is giving the frontrunning Nancys a fright.

The Chasing Pack - Who’s Whip Happy?

Adam Brown £365

After great early promise, Adam with a little loan from his pop, Gordon, is once again in the race and has edged past John Mannering.

John Manning £356

The early pacesetter, there are those still banging the Drum and will roll up to see Captain Capstan Mannering. He may struggle to master the Bensons & Hedges but a good bet to drag himself round and relieved to have Adam Brown off his rear but then came"¦.

Jonathan Kendal £350

Leading the Deep South charge and replaced Adam Brown at Captain Mannering’s rear as the not so soft southerners close in on raising a huge £1500.

John Roberts £280

Put on a little show of acceleration to keep the Deep South in their place - down there"¦but couldn’t hold it

Boru Hayden £249

Teeth firmly set on the leading southerner

The Race Marshalls £237

Had charged up the field but drifting under the threat of a Stewards’ Enquiry into their entry

Mike Burtonwood £230

Was moving through the field but the word is he will settle for a place in Jackson’s Boat..

Daniel Selvidge £225

Is supposed to be pacesetting for Boru but now looks like it is a case of the tail wagging the tail

Jules Spencer £221

Uncertain now to finish as his trainer’s eyes are on Ascot as he concentrates on winning the Best Headgear title. Could he really win with a 3 year old colt around his neck? Could be an enquiry into passing his child off as a hat

Graham Voaden £215

Part of the Deep South "wods-a-money!" charge

Vasco Wackrill £212

Was cheek to cheek with Boru and Daniel but for some reason they have shot forward

John England £208

Late entry onto the leaderboard

Barry Roberts £200

Late entry onto the leaderboard

The Dark Horses

Alison Watt £195

The Deep South’s former pacesetter now drifting out as racegoers fear the Battersea bars will give her a running impediment.

Phil Sheeran £80

Is this a gig too far? Chariots on Fire might be more appropriate but signs of life are appearing

Michael Turton £75

His stables emblem of two snails is complimented by Phil Sheeran’s of a guy looking down at his boots. Looks like the snails have been crushed underfoot

Ian Robertson £48

Punters fear his response to Starters’ Orders will be restricted to: "Prawn cocktails please"

Alan Hargrave £?

Which is why they have scrapped SATs for his age group

Chasing the chasing pack, 11 - Centurions

Glyn Williams £170

Michael Bradbury £165

Anthony Leahy £160

Lucy Pendlebury £150

Scott Jones £130

Andrew Brennan £125

Edward Noone £124

Gail Frampton £123

Pete Crowther £120

Mike Adams £115

Players’ Race - Rob Nugent has cheekily romped past Captain Chaddy. Can Chaddy fight his way back to being leader? Can Margy show his mettle? Do we want to see it?

Rob Nugent 152

Dave Chadwick 120

Simon Garner 80

Karl Marginson, 85

Sam Ashton, 35

Jerome Wright, 25

Adam Turner, 25

Alex Skidmore, 20

Kyle Wilson, 20

Jake Edwards 20

Simon Carden 20

Rob Howarth, 10

Chris Baguley 10

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First Posted ~ 16:22 Sun 19 Oct 2008
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