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Membership closes Friday 26th September 08

FC United offer you a unique opportunity to own your own football club and to have control over the direction it takes. The club is a mutually owned, not for profit body, democratically run on a one member one vote basis.

Why is this important?

Because many people have been driven away from professional football because they have no say in how the game is run, where greed seems to over-ride any concerns for the fans. Many people cannot afford to watch professional football; this is particularly true of families and young people. This is why FC United strives to offer affordable football to all and to create the kind of atmosphere and excitement that makes the match-going experience truly memorable. In the three years of our existence it is fair to say that that ambition has been realised.

Already, FC fans have voted on the major decisions faced by the club; the name, the shirt, the Board, sponsorship, ticket pricing and so on. Where else would you be given that kind of real decision-making power? As we embark on our fourth season it is more important than ever to uphold the principals for which FC United have become synonymous -our club, our rules!

The Future?

We know that our number one priority is to work towards having our own ground. A lot of work continues behind the scene to help make this a reality. The supporters have certainly done their bit - and continue to do so with the many initiatives that help us raise money for the Development Fund. In the meantime, the club continues to operate on a daily basis and relies on the club’s members to ensure its success.

Your involvement in your club is vital at this time. What better way to help FC United than by becoming a member and by helping to shape its future. This is true for adults and juniors alike. Whilst adults are able to vote on club issues, even though juniors cannot under the ownership rules, we all recognise that juniors offer the future security of the club. This is why we have encouraged the junior members to hold meetings, meet players and staff and to join in the many activities that are organised throughout the season.

FC United is primarily a football club but at the same time it aims to support the community within which it is based. The many community activities already undertaken have received recognition throughout the area. As FC grows, we want the community to grow with us!
So, why not join as a member of FC United now?

How to become a member.

Adult membership is £10 with juniors being £3. Membership applications forms are available from the Reception desk before tomorrow’s home fixture against Worksop Town or apply on line at http://www.fcapps.co.uk/login

Please note 2008/09 membership will close on Friday 26th September 2008 and open again after the AGM on Thursday 23rd October 2008.

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