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DF 2008/2009 - An Apology from FC United of Manchester

FC United of Manchester, which is you so basically you’re apologising to yourself, would like to apologise in advance for placing begging barrels inside the turnstiles at Gigg Lane and asking you to give any spare pennies to the Development Fund as you enter the ground this season.

It has been said that it’s quite annoying to have a bucket rattled in your face every time you walk down to the ground and out of respect for those who think this way there will be no-one mithering you for spare change. Instead we’re asking anyone who does want to get rid of their shrapnel to deposit it in the barrels which make their FC debut on Saturday. Every time you do this you bring the dream of us playing in our ground that bit closer.

The barrels are blue, just like the seats at the ground we rent for huge sums are blue. They are blue to remind you of how blue it feels not to own our own ground. They are blue to help you forget the colour red, which aside from being the colour of our shirts is a colour associated with debt. We start every season knowing that we have to find a big wedge of cash to give to someone else’s football club. They are reminding you that we don’t have our own ground but helping you forget at the same time, all be it until you get inside Gigg Lane and realise where you are and where your hard earned money is currently going.

It takes time, effort, love, devotion and imagination, as well as money, to build a football ground. If you don’t have money to spare then get involved in any way you can this season. You’re in charge of your club’s future. Give generously, help the homeless.

Get in touch developmentfund@fc-utd.co.uk

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First Posted ~ 11:39 Wed 13 Aug 2008
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Last Updated ~ 17:14 Fri 11 Oct 2013