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A Show of Thanks

In previous seasons, our destiny had been decided some weeks before the season’s close allowing time for organising a post match celebration, be it an open top bus ride or a Punk concert.

With the uncertainty surrounding the date when our final home game would be played it has been impossible to organise an event at such short notice.

Immediately after the game tomorrow whatever the result the management and team will conduct a lap of the Gigg Lane pitch to show their appreciation for the magnificent support you have once again given them this season. Once reaching the corner flag area between the Main Stand and the M.R.E, the team will stop and address the crowd.

Supporters are reminded that any incursion onto the pitch will cause the celebration to be cancelled. You will be able to hug, kiss, shake hands and scrounge a pint off the team in the pubs and bars around Gigg Lane after the event.

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First Posted ~ 16:04 Fri 2 May 2008
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Last Updated ~ 17:14 Fri 11 Oct 2013