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Under 18s win at Woodley

Woodley Sports 1 FC United of Manchester 4
Sunday 6th April 2008

Woodley Sports FC
1 Rick Holt
2 Tom Sellers
3 Joe Booth
4 Joel Atkinson
5 Mike Conama
6 Jack Wilson (Cautioned 27 mins)
7 Remi Wadley
8 Jordi McNally (Cautioned 40 mins) (Goal 84 mins)
9 Kris Dickinson
10. Jay Bebbington
11 Jamie Sanekson
12 Tom Byrne (For 7, 73 mins)
14 Jason James (For 11, 79 mins)
15 Jason Wilde (For 6, 56 mins)
16 Aaron McFarlane
17 Matt Brady

FC United of Manchester
1 Jake Edwards
2 Danny Hulme
3 Josh Stott
4 Nia Bayunu
5 Nick Swirad (Cautioned 81 mins)
6 Joe Halfpenny
7 Callum Rothwell (Goal 20 mins)
8 Shaun Williams
9 James McKenna (Goals 45&90 mins)
10 Vidal Mike (Goal 25 mins)
11 Sean Mills
12 Boumba Boubth
14 Stephen Carson (For 10, 77 mins)
15 Imran Arain (For 11, 64 mins)
16 Johnny Hall
17 Andre Holder (For 6, 85 mins)

After the Easter Sunday postponement, a new League Fixture list and a request from Woodley, the Youth Team were invited to Lambeth Grove to complete their North West Youth Alliance Premier League fixture. Woodley may just now be regretting their request.

FC United started brightly, as if two weeks rest had washed away the disappointment of a poor run in February and March. United took the game to Woodley creating chances from the start. A couple of notable attacks had gone unrewarded when in the 6th minute an FC Free Kick was headed home, unfortunately for some reason the referee had already called for the kick to be retaken and the second effort came to nothing. The pattern was set as within the next ten minutes Sean Mills, Vidal Mike, James McKenna, Joe Halfpenny and Nia Bayunu had all seen goal attempts thwarted.

The seemingly charmed life that the Woodley Goal was leading could not last for ever though. In the 20th minute Callum Rothwell lined up a free Kick from around 25 yards, lifting it tamely over the wall and towards the goal. When for some reason Rick Holt in the Woodley goal seemed to misjudge it completely, moving too far across his line and allowing the ball to squirm under his body as he tried top dive back to where he came from and into the net.

Vidal Mike made it 2-0 five minutes later when a Woodley break didn’t get out of their own half, the ball was threaded through the middle of the defence for Vidal to break clear and fire it into the goal. Woodley were clearly rattled and their mood was not improved in the following minutes when the ball appeared to strike an FC hand but the referee either didn’t see it or ruled it accidental, either way no penalty was given and whilst still upset about that their No 6 Jack Wilson was booked for a slightly hefty tackle.

The next ten minutes saw Shaun Williams, James McKenna (twice) and Nia Bayunu all narrowly miss the target. In the 40th minute the Woodley no 8 Jordi McNally was booked for a foul near the half way line. A subsequent free Kick was lofted into the Woodley area where it was chested down by Nia and volleyed over via the crossbar.

Although chances continued to flow it looked like there would be no further score until into Injury Time when James McKenna collected the ball in central midfield and decided to run forward. Just as a pass out to the wide left and an unmarked Sean Mills seemed the best option, he decided to let fly from 25 yards, clearing the keeper and dipping into the goal to make it 3-0

After a short break for a pat on the back from Manager Chris Simms, with a reminder that there was still 45 minutes to go they went back out to blizzard conditions and a Woodley side who had undoubtedly been read the riot act. The snow continued throughout the second half, which not surprisingly was nothing like as frenetic. Chances were few and far between, the best being in the 57th minute when a corner was cleared to the edge of the box where Sean Mills fired first time through a crowd and narrowly wide.

Nick Swirad was cautioned in the 81st minute when having gone to ground to make a tackle and missed, a Woodley player moving forward collided with his outstretched leg. Woodley made it 3-1 when a defensive lapse let in Jordi McNally to strike passed Jake Edwards and give them hope of providing a tense finale.

The three goal cushion was restored in the final minute when after a short corner routine had seemed to go wrong, Callum Rothwell crossed for James McKenna to head home. FC United had completed an impressive victory.

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