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Logon details for members area

A reminder email will be sent out as soon as humanly possible, the problem is the computer system is not human and refuses to let me send it - will try again in the morning - sorry for any inconvenience.

There is a possible trick to this for those that are already registered:
If you’ve not changed the default your username is FirstnameSurname all together, no gaps or dots. It doesn’t seem to care if it’s got capitals or not. Then if you can’t remember your password, press for password reminder and it is sent automatically to the email address we have for you. The reminder should arrive pretty quickly.

If you’ve changed your username and forgotten it, you’ll have to search your brain or wait until our computer will play nicely.

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First Posted ~ 18:52 Tue 22 Jan 2008
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Last Updated ~ 18:52 Tue 22 Jan 2008