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CYCM. Whats appotaining

Literature. Course You Can Malcomses’s launch of Pete Crowther’s book ’our club, our rules. He’s placed by the door downstairs so even when the place is sold out you can still get a copy.

Comedy. Vince Atta. ’North West comedian of the year’ last year. That’s the award that Caroline Ahern, Peter Kay, Matthew Forshaw etsetch have won.

Music. International One. Check their myspace before you come and hear what Clint Boon has to say about them.

Nosh. Don’t get excited we’re not that good. A 100 £2 tater hash and pie crusts, 22 cheese and onion pies for the veggies and 7 Whimberry Charlotte cakes for some afters.

Crisps. Organic independent ones in ’big eat’ 50g bags.

Betting. The Tater Hash Tenner. Many of you know what it is. See any Odd Carriers for further details. It’s a fiver for the Development Fund that otherwise wouldn’t have been there.

Beer. The two new ones are Chocolate Marble, the stout’ish stout from Marble Brewery, central Manchester’s only remaining brewery and 7.5 abv ’Figgy Pudding’ from Three Rivers brewery because we’re all Christmassy and that. But only a limited number of them as we’re also all bah-humbug and that. Also the lovely and loved, Manchester IPA, Germany’s Bitburger, Stowford’s Press cider in 660ml bottles and more Super Bok than you could throw a beer mat at.

Am/pm/bience. Gonhomie, grotherlyness and gollocks.

Usual rules and conditions apply. Members only with members able to sign one guest in. Doors open 1pm. Get there very early as unsurprisingly it’s very popular and no one likes the undignified sight of snot marks on windows from noses that were pressed against them as they were locked out.

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