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You scrub up well

A call to all our fans to come and help the club clean up. Not on the trophy front as we’ll leave that to those that take the field on our behalf.

The club is moving offices. We’re moving into a much needed, bigger and cheaper space on Pollard Street in Ancoats. It’s in a big warehouse. You hear ’big warehouse’ and you think big loft, roof top apartment, whitewashed walls, exposed brickwork, original timber, pots of filter coffee and wafts of freshly baked bread.

Unfortunately not. Think Margy sat in a middin with nothing but his big, very-off, week old, training kit on. With mudflaps. Not a nice sight. Neither is our new office space. But it will be with all our help.

We’re asking for as many volunteers as possible to come along and help us scrub down the painted brickwork walls and re-paint it. It’s your chance to get down and dirty.


Sunday the 14th of October at 11am.


Fifth Floor, Hope Mill, Pollard Street, Ancoats. It’s just around the corner from Beswick Street pie shop so you can’t miss it.

What should I do?

Bring unsurpressably jolly, St Trinian’esque enthusiasm, old clothes, mop and buckets, yard brushes, wire brushes, old rags for cloths, paint brushes, rollers and roller trays, Roma step ladders, turps and probably a load of other stuff that we’ve forgot. Our club, our tools.

It’ll be like in the war where the community spirit saw us through the hardship with nothing but ten Park Drive untipped, Chesters mild and the biggest aspidistras in the world.

Contact your club if you want to work a Sunday for nothing but the good of the humankind on office@fc-utd.co.uk or ring 0161 236 1070.

Having a bilious constitution or an iffy Bert Bacharach is no Stan Ogden excuse. Graft yourself into the bricks and mortar of this club.

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First Posted ~ 11:42 Tue 9 Oct 2007
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Last Updated ~ 12:34 Mon 21 May 2018