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Statement from Fleetwood Town

All available match tickets for this game are now almost sold and there will almost certainly be a 3300 capacity crowd at Highbury on Saturday, which will be our biggest home gate for over 40 years.

We are delighted with the co-operation that has been evident from day one between our two clubs and we feel sure that the same excellent relationship will exist on the day between the two sets of supporters.

We have worked tirelessly over the past 10 days to ensure that everybody in the ground will be able to watch the game comfortably and safely but naturally, we are also reliant on all supporters exhibiting the kind of behaviour which both clubs would expect from their respective loyal fan bases. Everybody involved wants the game to be played in a positive and friendly atmosphere and we are sure that will indeed be the case.

Whilst we are as prepared and organised for the big game as we possibly can be, it is inevitable that our facilities on the day will undoubtedly be stretched due to the size of the crowd. We would therefore ask that all supporters show patience and understanding when using our toilet and catering facilities as they are not designed for such an attendance and at peak times (eg half time), there is likely to be some queuing required.

Upon approaching the stadium on the day, supporters will be directed by police and stewards towards the turnstiles allocated for each club. Fleetwood Town supporters should enter the ground through the Memorial Park turnstiles (alongside our own Social Club). FC United supporters should enter through the Highbury turnstiles alongside the Highbury Social Club. Once in the ground, whilst there will be no formal segregation, supporters will be directed to allocated sections of the stadium.

FC United supporters are asked to occupy the Park End terrace and "Scratching Shed" stand (the north and east side of the ground) and Fleetwood Town supporters are asked to occupy the Percy Ronson Stand and the west side of the ground. We can confirm that FC United will attack the Park End of the ground in the 1st half, hence the areas of the ground being allocated for respective supporters.

We would like to thank both Karl Marginson and Tony Greenwood, the respective managers, for their full co-operation with this arrangement.

If, as expected, supporters wish to change ends at half time, stewards will direct the two sets of supporters down opposite sides of the ground to avoid unnecessary congestion. Again, the co-operation of all supporters here would be greatly appreciated.

Once again, we very much regret that FC United supporters cannot be accommodated in our Social Club. Unfortunately, our club is just not big enough, with a maximum capacity of just 120. Admission to the Club on Saturday will be by ticket only.

Finally, this is a massive game for all concerned. We are very grateful to everybody involved in assisting us with the preparations, particularly Andy Walsh and Lindsey Robertson of FC United with whom we have worked closely.

All that we ask is that all supporters play their part in ensuring that the game is played in a fantastic family atmosphere and that the entire day is a credit to both of our clubs.


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First Posted ~ 10:04 Wed 12 Sep 2007
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