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The Importance of buying your season ticket as soon as possible.

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The Importance of buying your season ticket as soon as possible.

FC United is committed to affordable football - FC United’s Chief Executive Damian Chadwick talks about the importance of buying your Season Tickets as soon as possible and the reasoning behind the launch of three-year season tickets.

FC United is committed to affordable football - FC United’s Chief Executive Damian Chadwick talks about the importance of buying your Season Tickets as soon as possible and the reasoning behind the launch of three-year season tickets.

How important is it to the club that I buy a season ticket?

Season Tickets account for a large percentage of our turnover. During the summer break there are no matches so it represents our only big source of income. At this time of year we must plan our budget, including the amount we can spend on players, and if we get a high number of supporters committing to the club for next season, it allows us to plan our year ahead with confidence.

What are my options for 2017-2018 season tickets?

For next season we are once again operating our pay-what-you-can-afford season ticket scheme with prices agreed by the membership by a vote at the March General Meeting. We ask supporters to consider a donation on top of the standard price in line with what they can afford.

If everyone pays the minimum we will struggle but, equally, we wish to provide affordable football which everyone can attend. Adult prices are £100 with a suggested donation on top of £75.

Supporters who can afford to pay more are encouraged to do so as every extra pound we raise is invested in the club. We have introduced a concessionary season ticket priced £65 with a £30 suggested donation on top and a junior season ticket at £21 with a £9 suggested donation on top.

We also have a three-year season ticket priced at £1,000.

Please contact the office if you have any questions on what is available.
Email: office@fc-utd.co.ukor telephone 0161 769 2005

How do I buy my season ticket?

Online at www.fcumshop.co.uk

Over the phone during office hours on 0161 769 2005;

In person paying cash or card at the club office during working hours.
BuySeason Tickets

Why do you need me to buy next season’s so soon?

The club has a number of projects that we need to start early in the summer when the ground is not needed for football. Getting the season ticket money early gives us the funds to start projects such as the redevelopment of the SMRE bar on time so they’re ready for the start of the season.

The earlier you buy your season ticket, the better ground you’ll come back to for the start of next season.

Why do you have a pay what you can afford season ticket rather than a fixed price for all?

The club is committed through our manifesto to affordable football and the pay-what-you-can-afford season ticket is our commitment to this. No-one should be priced out of watching FC United whilst those who can pay more are encouraged to do so by way of a voluntary donation. We know that our supporters and members are passionate about their club and will contribute accordingly. Our supporters own their club and we trust them to do what is best.

I’d like to buy a season ticket but I can’t afford to pay for all of it upfront. Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, we can spread the cost and allow you to pay in two or three instalments. The tickets will need to be paid for prior to the start of next season but we can help you manage this cost.

Paying in instalments applies to both one year season tickets and three year season tickets.

Please contact the office on 0161 769 2005 to agree your payment plan.

Why do you also have a three-year season ticket option? What will you do with that revenue?

The three-year season ticket was launched to drive some much-needed working capital into the club. In practice that means we need an immediate pot of money to develop areas of the stadium over the summer which will provide better facilities for supporters whilst at the same time generating new revenues and cutting costs.

We have capped these three-year season tickets at 200 as this will provide us with the funds we require whilst at the same time not spending too much of the money we will require in future seasons.

An example of this is that we will use the money to build toilet blocks which will improve the facility and also pay for themselves in just over a year as we have spent £20,000 in our first two seasons at Broadhurst Park simply hiring portaloos. A laundry room at the ground would mean that we no longer have to go to the effort and expense of transporting all the club kits over to a laundrette miles from Broadhurst Park.

Of course, the major project planned for this summer is the redevelopment of the SMRE bar. We have just secured a grant of £300,000 but, as a club, we need to match this with £100,000 of our own.

With your help we will have a fantastic new SMRE bar in place for next season which we can also rent out to local groups during the week to generate income for the club. Our supporters will get a much better bar, the local community get to use the facility when we don’t need it and all this raises more money for the club.

£1,000 is more than I could pay in one go. I am concerned that you’re creating a two-tier system.

This is a one-off promotion to help the club at a difficult period. The benefits attached to this ticket are no different to what a normal season ticket holder can purchase on the day of a game.

Three-year season ticket holders will have the same priority for away and cup matches as one-year season ticket holders. We’re all in this together and we realise that this is something only a minority of our fans can afford, but it is hugely important to our plans for developing this ground and making the club sustainable long-term. If you can afford this, please do consider the boost this will give our club.

Do you have a message to our supporters that they can take away with them for the summer break?

Things have been very difficult this season but I firmly believe we can look to the future positively. We now have an exciting summer ahead with a clear strategy for improving this club and ground. Margy and his team have identified exciting new recruits which will strengthen the squad, not forgetting the four talented youngsters who have progressed from the academy this season. I look forward to seeing a youthful team playing attacking football the way we love… the United way!

BuySeason Tickets

On behalf of everyone at the club we hope you have a lovely summer and we look forward to welcoming you back next season for another chapter in this incredible football club’s history!

Forza FC United.

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